Helen Stenbro – Meet our team

Helen Stenbro – Meet our team

Many thanks to Helene Stenbro, soon to be a fully trained Competence Coordinator and who has completed her LIA at FCV Sweden for 6 weeks! ?

What attracted you to FCV?

After a lecture that Lars and Lena gave to my class, I felt “Wow! This is perfect! Fits super well with what I want to work with “and immediately sent an email that I wanted my LIA at FCV. They felt so genuine and committed.

What did you want to increase in terms of knowledge within FCV?

I wanted to gain a broader perspective and greater knowledge of what awaits a young adult who ends up in exclusion. What other paths are there and how to reach them. I also wanted to give them an autistic person’s perspective, from an autistic adult and parent to autistic children, as I know that there are some autistics in FCV’s target group.

What has the LIA given you?

Greater insight into how this whole world works for young adults who neither work nor study.

And of course, great and valuable contacts.

What does your heart beat extra for, your dream job in the future?

I want to work with autistic young adults and help them find other ways to meaningfulness and belonging and make both them and employers see and value autistic competence.

Feel free to see us as a creative pilot, a bridge, a lock, or a lighthouse that lights up invisible, non-traditional ways for young adults to find their context and place in the labor market.