Young adults are an important force in the competence provision

To manifest the dream and make it a reality...

No dream is too big, or too small for that matter. Feel free to see us as a creative pilot, a bridge, a lock, or a lighthouse that lights up invisible, non-traditional ways for young adults to find their context and place in the labor market.

What do we want?

We want to create public welfare and inclusion for real. Our biggest driving force is to find new, creative and non-traditional ways to help the target group of young adults find their place in the labor market of the future. It is about employment, activities and work environment. In short, we help young people find drive and meaning. To find their context, quite simply.

How do we do that?

We know that digitalization is changing the entire playing field for many participants in the labor market. We also know that many young adults have ended up in involuntary exclusion. This is where we come in. We know the labor market and education systems and we can help young adults find creative ways into the labor market. Our main tool is our methods and we are constantly exploring new ways to reach out and create impact in society. Business benefit that becomes public welfare, it is our way of giving back and that is how we look at sustainability.

The business community's biggest challenge is to find the right skills at the same time as more and more young adults end up further and further away from the labor market - here creative solutions are needed to the labor market issue.

Young adults are an important force in the competence provision

What is happening at FCV

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Our driving forces

What drives us forward is our genuine interest and commitment to the youth of the future. We therefore want to contribute to the opportunity to kick-start the movement that creates opportunities for the closed young adult to be introduced to working life.

Are you interested in contributing to the future of youth?

Our offer

We target you who in your work meet young adults who want to approach work or study. We can contribute our knowledge to you who need help finding innovative methods, partly to reach the target group but also help them find their driving forces and context.

Our clients

Our customers are those who work in different ways or are in the process of working with initiatives for the target group of young adults. Our customers are also those who see a great need for skills and do not know how to start the work or how to reach the target group. This we come in and can create benefit together.

Examples of customers we work with are; municipalities, companies, civil society organizations, education providers and other supplementary actors to the Swedish Public Employment Service who work with coaching and guidance. We also target you who need a training leader, study advisor, coordinator or coach. We can also help find ways to finance new innovative collaboration projects.


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