Selma Knutsson – Meet our partners

Selma Knutsson – Meet our partners

What has been your mission within FCV / # Andravägar?

My mission together with FCV Sweden # Andravägar came partly from my participation in a young reference group. We had already established the first contact while I was in high school. I then ran a UF company and we delivered a film. Recently, this has emerged. As the project progressed, it felt more and more obvious to contribute my platform on the Tiktok app. Then another collaboration was formed to reach even more young people and we did. Together with the help of my followers, we collected even more questionnaire responses for the survey. As a creator, I attach great importance to choosing which companies I advertise on my platform. In this project # Andravägar together with FCV Sweden, it felt obvious. Both for a really good purpose and for a good collaboration over time together.

Why did you want to contribute to #Andravägar?

Above all, I wanted to contribute because I know what it feels like as a young person to be lost in the run-up to elections. Especially from studies and work. Life also happens, everything goes up and down and then you also must deliver. It has not always been obvious to me that I would run my own company where I invest in communication and modern platforms. There was a time of will and dreams. But as a young person, it has not been easy to dare to express them or take support for it. I know that just a thumbs up or a nod can give you that extra courage. The big step you take is to dare. Dare to break patterns, believe in yourself and follow your dreams. I want to treat everyone to that feeling.

What do you think will be the next innovation in social media / digital communication?

If I can predict the future, I think the next big thing in social media / digital communication is that groups will take over completely and become bigger than the individual. The influencer, celebrity or company will no longer be the hub for people with similar interests to find each other. Democracy is now being awakened on the internet and followers are realizing that they are the ones in power. We already see how the community goes together and even manipulates the stock market and succeeds with GameStop, AMC, etc., among others. They are the ones who direct consumers to boycott or to inject money into companies. Here and now a shift is taking place and then it is just a matter of being humble and prepared for it. The individual influencer disappears. In the next big app, the personal account will not be as valuable, rather what groups you belong to and what influence you have in them. The company or influencer that will succeed with digital communication or on social media in the future is the one that is humble, genuine, responsive and democratic.

Feel free to see us as a creative pilot, a bridge, a lock, or a lighthouse that lights up invisible, non-traditional ways for young adults to find their context and place in the labor market.