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Break exclusion

We want to get in touch with you who are between the age of 16-29, live in Norrbotten, do not work or study and lack contact with, for example, the Swedish Public Employment Service or the municipality.

What we can contribute is our network, tips and ways forward.


Other Paths

Are you one of those people who’s gotten out of involuntary exclusion? Want to share your story and help someone else open up their way out of it? A selection of stories may need to be made.

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New ways of reaching out

We project partners want to explore new ways to reach young adults, especially those who are without work and studies.

We create, explore and learn more about digital communication together with the target group of young adults.

About us

FCV Sverige is the initiator and project owner and works for young adults. We have long worked with guidance and labor market initiatives and with a special focus on the cultural, creative and digital industries. In collaboration with other actors in the field, we want to find other ways to approach work, studies and dreams for young adults.


Our partners

We feel proud to be part of such an important and innovative project that combines efforts for change and social benefits. A project that cross-fertilizes different industries, strengthens collaborations and contributes to more opportunities for development efforts for companies in the long term, especially during these times.

There is a need for us, as in many other municipalities, to develop ways to reach young people and to develop the outreach activities. It is especially important now during these times of crisis to help against exclusion. Digital methods have not been tested to a sufficient extent and we see this as both new and exciting to follow.

The biggest challenge today for the gaming industry is the supply of skills. The target group “Living young adults at home” is a highly interesting target group as many have computer games as their main interest, high digital and sometimes also creative skills, but no or poor conditions for making themselves employable. With about 70 gaming companies in the region, and with almost 14 game educations, we can contribute with internships, our network and inspire them to become part of our industry and become employable in a growing gaming industry.

When we started the company in 2018, the goal was that when we had the chance to help and give back, we would do it. We all know someone who suffers from depression and exclusion, we can help people find a natural way where their talent and drive are put to good use so it would not only be a fun journey, but also very inspiring.

We need to become better at tackling the growing exclusion of young adults.

Are you a company, municipality or facilitator who is interested in strengthening young people’s opportunities to contribute to society? Contact us

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“The project runs between November 2020 and June 2021”

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