Summer Game Camp: Sweden’s Most Important Social Initiative for Young People Neither Working Nor Studying

In the summer of 2024, FCV Sweden’s successful concept, Summer Game Camp, will be held for the third consecutive year at Hola Folk High School in Kramfors. This event is the result of a successful collaboration between the initiator FCV Sweden and Kramfors Municipality, MISAM/AME in Kramfors, the Kramfors Coordination Association, Hola Folk High School, and Region Västernorrland.

Summer Game Camp addresses one of the biggest challenges in society and the labor market: finding, motivating, and empowering young adults who have fallen into inactivity for various reasons and are at risk of long-term unemployment. By offering an exciting and relevant activity for this target group, we engage and inspire young adults to move from sitting at home to taking steps toward education and employment.

The initiative is not just an opportunity for young adults to gain knowledge in game development; it is also a significant and meaningful effort to reduce social exclusion and unemployment among the youth.

Developed Concept with External Speakers from the Industry

After two years of successful implementation, the concept has been refined, and FCV Sweden will once again offer fantastic content this year. Here’s how our CEO and founder Lars Lundqvist comments on this year’s edition of Summer Game Camp at Hola Folk High School:

“We are incredibly proud of our commitment to Summer Game Camp at Hola. It feels fantastic to announce that FCV will present an outstanding lineup this year with several inspiring role models from the video game industry.”

External speakers will share their insights and experiences from the industry. Along with a high teacher-to-student ratio and individualized support, each participant receives the attention they deserve and the conditions they need.

Hola Folk High School’s principal, Lea Kinnunen, believes in strengthening participants’ self-esteem through ownership and belief in the future:

“We are here to make participants believe in themselves and regain a student identity they may have lost along the way. We want them to see themselves as learning individuals and regain the feeling of being part of their own future.”

Why is Summer Game Camp Needed?

Summer Game Camp not only offers a fun and engaging activity but also serves as a springboard for future studies and jobs in the video game industry and other sectors. Participants’ interest in games serves as an entry point to learning, and many have discovered new career paths and opportunities through their participation in the camp.

“For me, choosing to participate in Summer Game Camp was one of the most important decisions I ever made. It opened up opportunities that I otherwise never thought possible,” says Robin Högberg, a former participant in Summer Game Camp.

Significant Effects on Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment in Kramfors has decreased from 18.3% to 10.6% over the past three years. Susanne Königson, Growth Manager and Deputy Chief of Administration at Kramfors Municipal Management Administration, believes our Summer Game Camp has had a “huge” impact on these figures:

“It is very positive that Kramfors has reduced youth unemployment; it was necessary. I believe in the measures taken that have successfully engaged, motivated, and inspired young people to find their way to meaningful employment, whether through studies or a job. Everyone has abilities and talents; the challenge is to creatively support and guide the youth to find and use them.”

Successes and Important Results

The previous Summer Game Camps at Hola in 2022 and 2023 have shown impressive results. Almost 95% of participants from 2022 went on to further studies, and in 2023, this increased to 100% of participants moving on to studies or employment. These results underscore the effectiveness of the concept and its importance for both individuals and society.

By focusing on participants’ informal and formal skills and creating an inclusive and motivating environment, Summer Game Camp has impressively managed to break social exclusion and increase participants’ self-esteem and sense of belonging.

An Ecosystem for the Video Game Industry

Since 2018, Kramfors Municipality has been working on building an ecosystem for the video game industry under the brand “High Coast Game Lab.” The Summer Game Camp initiatives have contributed to an increased influx to the game development courses offered by Hola Folk High School, which is crucial for a functioning ecosystem. The goal is to generate 200 new jobs and as many educational places in the gaming industry within five years.

A Bright Future

With continued support and commitment from all partners, the future looks bright for Summer Game Camp at Hola and its participants. By providing a safe and inclusive environment and opportunities to explore new paths and develop their talents, the camp helps shape a new generation of game developers and creative individuals for an exciting future.

We also see clearly that creative creation is not just a finished product but also a healing and developmental process for the individual undertaking it. The self-esteem we have seen grow in participants during our previous initiatives laid the foundation for taking steps back into studies and working life, together with good personal support and guidance.

At FCV Sweden, we are proud of our efforts and look forward to continuing to support young adults on their journey towards a brighter future. Summer Game Camp demonstrates the power of collaboration and creativity. By continuing to invest in young adults and their future, we contribute to a stronger and more inclusive society.

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