About FCV

FCV is an acronym for bias-free CV in swedish. And don’t we need to be less prejudiced when it comes to people’s differences?

We are a team based in Boden that has many years of experience in guidance, coaching as well as educational and labor market interventions with a particular focus on the cultural, creative and digital industries.

At the heart of our work are the target group of young adults who, for various reasons, have ended up in passivity and involuntary exclusion. Due to limited work experience, internships or dropping out of high school, people have ended up in passivity and “sitting at home”, while the job market is becoming increasingly distant. Of course, it doesn’t always have to look exactly that way, but it is a reality for many young people in exclusion

Our mission is to find new, creative ways to recruit that get people into employment. We see ourselves as a creative pilot in the work to help young people find driving forces, goals, meaning and new contexts.

NMW's Honorary Award 2020

Lars Lundqvist was awarded Norrbotten Media Week's Honorary Award 2020 with the following justification:

“ Creating basic conditions for renewal and growth often involves hard and persistent work. And always about a zealot. A person who burns with commitment and will. What we see now being realized at Boden Business Park with new exciting courses and ground-breaking meeting places can largely be attributed to a real “changemaker”. Therefore, Lars Lundqvist is awarded NMW’s honorary prize this year.”

Meet our founder Lars Lundqvist

After a long career in study motivation initiatives, study and vocational guidance, as well as a career at the Employment Service with special responsibility for young people who are far from the labor market, thoughts and ideas about how these measures can be made better began to grow in me. I simply wanted to find new concepts and methods that deliver real impact, by understanding the unique needs and conditions of the target audience.

During a trial course that I helped develop at Sunderby Folk College, we created a successful method of using games as a motivator to help young adults get back to school. The course was a great success and through it many young people found their way back to school and found new goals and visions for their future.

More ideas were born that we tried to put wings on – and on that path FCV Sweden was born.

With great patience and belief in what we do in combination with our knowledge of the education system and the industry, we succeeded in 2017 in collaboration with Futuregames to establish Sweden’s only education for indie game developers at Boden Business Park.

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