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FCV Studios is passionate about helping young adults find their place in the future labor market.

We give young people hope for a better future

FCV Studios is a game studio in Boden that is passionate about creating hope in young adults who have found themselves excluded. We have extensive experience in guiding, coaching, and offering educational and career initiatives with a particular focus on the cultural, creative and digital industries.

We help these young people through motivating games, courses and social innovation and create entrances into the flourishing computer game industry in Sweden.


95% of those who participate in our efforts go on to further studies or approach the labor market in other ways.

Hot Skills!

Hot Skills is a unique educational tool to motivate and guide young adults excluded from working life in an entertaining and educational way.

Perfect for you as a guide, teacher and coach!

Young for young

We want to help young adults get out of involuntary exclusion!

One of the tools to achieve this goal we call Unga for unga . Meeting and understanding the target group is an important key, therefore the young people’s influence, participation and opinions are central to our success in our efforts.  By involving the target group in the work, a feeling of pride and meaningfulness is created, while at the same time the view of one’s own abilities is strengthened.


That's what our participants say


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