Hot Skills®

With 20 years of experience working with the target group of young adults who neither work nor study, FCV Studios has developed a new tool in the form of a full-scale board game.

With Hot Skills, you who work with social collaboration can use this educational tool to motivate and guide your participants to working life in an entertaining and educational way.

Hot Skills is launching soon!

Unique opportunity for business!

We are currently only offering eight organizations and companies that have a wide geographical presence to be seen with a reality-based job ad in the Hot Skills® game. We are now looking for you who want to contribute to something new for the target group of young adults who neither work nor study.

Your participation includes the following:

  • You enable continued development of tools that help young people into work in innovative ways
  • You are exposed in a positive context and contribute to social sustainability
  • Your employees get something to be proud of
  • You position yourself as an innovator in skills provision
  • Contributes to improved mental health among young people
  • Act as role models who demonstrate that diversity enriches company culture and strengthens your employer brand

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Social change for real

Alienation and mental illness are increasing like an avalanche in society. Many young people live wrongly in the belief that they do not have the same opportunities as others to succeed in life.  We at FCV Studios want to empower young people and make their potential visible to themselves and to the business world. Feeling hope for a better future is important for us humans to be able to function. Let’s change perspectives, create positive contexts and show that their unique strengths are appreciated by working life.

Unique tool

The Hot Skills® board game is an exciting strategic challenge that not only entertains but also prepares young adults for the workforce. By participating in various community activities, players increase their chances of securing employment. The game acts as a tool that allows players to explore both the positive and negative sides of change. With the accompanying tutorial for coaches and teachers, Hot Skills is a valuable tool for guiding and equipping the target group for the labor market.

Together we fight exclusion

We fight against exclusion and mental illness through social innovation. Each number in the statistics represents a life, an individual and a family struggling to get ahead in life. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to create a better future. However, this requires a commitment from socially responsible companies in order for us to reach our goals. 

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