A way out of involuntary exclusion

In all of FCV’s efforts, services, methods and products, we work to ensure that our participants can participate and act as role models and mentors for each other. We call our method “Young for young”.

The method has been developed organically in our operations to ensure that the target group is always invited and actively participates in our work in various ways. Through this approach, we have been able to create opportunities for our participants to get meaningful employment, the opportunity to meet like-minded people, expand their CV, develop skills and strengthen their self-esteem. 

The importance of participation

We know that participation and that our participants’ opinions are taken seriously is incredibly important to the success of this type of effort.

Our method creates an exchange that benefits all parties. Unga For Unga creates a sense of pride and meaning, while ownership strengthens the image of one’s own competences. Those who participate can then share the experience of being listened to in order to empower and inspire others.

Another important aspect of our business is to foster friendship and enable meaningful relationships to be built. When our participants meet like-minded friends with the same interests, something truly magical happens!

Try-on activities for increased self-esteem

Through internships or subsidized employment, our participants can develop their own activities, services and products. While supporting others who are in the same process to do the same. 

The young people we meet who are marginalized often have low self-esteem and confidence in themselves. Regaining faith in one’s competence and being part of a context is central. According to our experience, a form of creative work, such as working with your own board or digital game, can be healing while providing experiences that equip participants for future studies and work. 

Quote from FCV's founder

The idea behind Unga För Unga and our Gamecamps is to support young adults in their journey towards employment (studies and jobs) and personal development. Through game development learning led by young adults as tutors and coaches, we promote personal development, create a sense of community and build meaningful relationships and friendships between participants and tutors. By teaching game development and guiding participants together with others close to their own age, we create a safe environment where trust and relatability are built.

Through Unga För Unga, our Gamecamps offer an opportunity for personal growth, positive energy and self-expression. Through play, we inspire and equip young adults with the skills, confidence and mindset needed to navigate the path to work, study and fulfilling personal sustainability.

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